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What You're Needing In An Assisted Living Facility: Tips For Narrowing Your Options

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Look up an assisted living facility near you and you're likely to find many options. Budget for your living needs aside, how do you narrow down your options and choose just one assisted living facility for your needs?

Luckily, there are many requirements you can have for an assisted living facility to help you narrow down your options and make choosing a new place to live easier. Here's a guide to help you out so you get the most out of your experience and choose assisted living that works best for you.

What personal care services do you need?

What care needs do you have that you can largely do on your own, but need help with? Whether you need help getting dressed every day or you need someone to drive you to and from doctor appointments, what you're looking for in an assisted living facility is the right personal care services. Some assisted living communities are hands-off in nature and only have staff come in and assist residents as needed only. If this works for you, great. If you need more care, however, then choose a facility that has more defined and consistent personal care services.

What social needs do you have?

Are you an introvert and don't want an assisted living facility with a community center or group activities? Are you wanting to get more involved and gain some friendships or have other goals in learning a hobby or something new? Even if you have your own apartment or living space in an assisted living facility, you need to look into what social expectations might be had of you in choosing one facility over another.

What are the pet and visitor policies?

If you're planning on moving with pets, then you need to choose an assisted living facility that allows pets. If you're allergic to or don't like pets, then choose one that doesn't allow them. Every assisted living facility has its own rules regarding visitors and doing overnight or outside visits as well, so if you need a place to live where you can have guests frequently and whenever you wish, then you'll need to focus on the rules and allowances of every assisted living facility you visit.

When you go to an assisted living facility to take a tour, have a loved one you trust and value with you. Their opinions of the places you visit will matter and help you make the decision as to which facility works best for you as well.