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Four Reasons Keeping Your Aging Loved One Home Is Best

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As you age, the level of support and care you need from others will typically increase. For this reason, people often opt to place their loved ones in a care facility to ensure their needs are met. However, did you know that keeping your loved one at home when possible is often a better solution? Discover some of the reasons why aging adults often do better at home.

Family Attachment

Moving an aging loved one to a nursing home or other care facility typically changes the family dynamic. Unfortunately, it is common for people in these situations to miss out on family events that they would have normally been front and center at. Keeping your loved one home means they can be more engaged and maintain their matriarchal or patriarchal role within the family.

Mental Health

Care facility environments can negatively impact a person's mental health. It is not that these facilities are horrible, but the reality is that they are not home. An aging senior who feels like they have been ripped away from their home and everything familiar to them can experience depression and other mental health concerns that can directly target their physical health and cause decline.


Every adult wants to feel like they are independent. When you feel independent, you do not feel like a burden and have a greater sense of pride. Keeping your loved one at home helps them retain this sense of independence even if they are receiving care assistance from others. The idea that they can remain in their home and control their space is helpful.

Asset Protection

Many nursing home facilities require that the resident release all their assets to cover the cost of their care. For some people, this action means giving up even the assets they had hoped to pass down to their children or grandchildren. When your loved one remains home, they retain control of their assets. 

Personal Senior Care

If a lack of time, patience, or understanding are barriers to keeping your senior home, do not worry; personal senior care can help. Senior care involves a professional entering the house to ensure your loved one's needs are met, including everything from meal preparation to medication administration. With in-home care, your loved one can experience these benefits. 

If you have an aging loved one, speak with a personal senior care agency to learn more about the services they offer.