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What To Expect From A Memory Care Facility

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If you are the child of a parent that is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease, you may have contemplated having them stay at an assisted living facility if you are unable to care for your loved one on your own. An assisted living facility that offers memory care actions ensures that your parent remains safe and comfortable during their stay. Here are some of the benefits of memory care facilities to help you decide whether this type of aid can help your parent's situation.

Your Loved One Will Have Limited Access To Facility Areas

When there are issues with someone's memory, there is always a risk that they will wander away from areas where they will remain safe and secure. A memory care facility locks buildings so that guests are unable to walk away from safe areas without having a professional worker from the property available to tend to their needs. Elevators require passcodes to use them and outside areas are usually fenced to ensure clients remain within the property boundaries. This gives you the peace of mind that your parent will remain onsite where staff members are at the ready to offer assistance when needed.

Building Layouts Are Designed With Ease Of Access

Your parent will have the ability to walk around the building where they stay without worrying about becoming lost. Maps are placed upon walls to remind clients of their current location so they are able to get to where they would like to go without difficulty. Buildings are designed with hallways that are wide without a lot of twists and turns to get to other rooms. They are also constructed with larger rooms so that amenities are easily seen from all vantage points. Signs are visible upon doorways and in rooms to help clients find their way easily.

Memory Care Activities Are Encouraged

Professional staff members will provide clients with plenty of activities to keep them educated and engaged. These are done in both individual and group settings. These activities help to enrich the mind and provide clients with the ability to remember important functions. 

Staff Provides Care At All Times Of The Day And Night

Your parent will be checked upon frequently to ensure they are safe. Memory care facility workers take care of the preparation of meals, help to keep your parent on a routine, provide assistance with self-care such as bathing and bathroom needs, and perform cleaning tasks as needed.