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5 Luxury Features In Senior Housing Communities

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Many people senior associate housing with downsizing and living in a small place, and more simple living. However, senior living doesn't have to be all about keeping things simple. One can also access senior luxury housing in retirement communities designed to allow one to enjoy their retirement years in luxury.

#1: Swimming Pools

The truth is as your body ages, participating in high-impact sports and exercise activities can become more challenging, which is why it is great to live in a retirement community where you have access to one or more pools. A luxury retirement community will have both indoor and outdoor heated pools that you can enjoy year-round. With access to a pool, you can get in the exercise you need without putting unnecessary stress and strain on your body. Pools can also be great for physical therapy if you have to undergo hip surgery during your retirement years.

#2: Golf Club

If you love to hit up the golf course, being able to go to the golf course within your retirement community makes a lot of sense. A retirement community that includes a golf club will allow you to hit the links every day if you want and enjoy hanging out in the golf club when you are not out on the course, taking in meals and drinks with your friends. For anyone who loves golf, it is a luxury feature you need to splurge for.  

#3: Wine Room

If you love wine, you will want to look for a senior living community that includes a wine room and lounge where you can sample get wines from around the world without having to leave your community.

#4: Large Floor Plans

If you don't want to downgrade your space when you retire, you don't have to. Instead, look for senior housing that offers large floor plans with spacious kitchens and large primary bedrooms. Enjoy a large kitchen with high-end appliances, tile, and luxury countertops.

#5: Large Garage

Just because you are retired doesn't mean you suddenly want to become a one-car household. You can purchase a home in a senior community with two or even three-car garages, allowing you to keep all the cars and toys around that you need to enjoy your retirement in style.

When it comes to retiring, not all retirement communities are about downsizing and simple living. There are retirement communities that are all about luxury living, from the amenities they offer, such as swimming pools, golf courses, and wine rooms, to the housing, with large open floor plans, big garages, and beautiful landscaping. You worked hard, and you should retire in style.