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How A Memory Box Can Help A Loved One With Dementia

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When your loved one needs memory care, there are a number of ways to help make their experience a positive one. Once you find the right facility to provide memory care, it's important to help your loved one adjust to the environment. Frequent visits will help familiarize both you and your family member with the facility. Set up the room with favorite items, using a few pictures of family members without being overwhelming. Dementia is confusing to the one suffering, and too many images or items in the room can actually be more disturbing than they are comforting. A memory box can help your loved one feel safe, remember their own history, and maintain their memory as long as possible.

Memory Boxes Spark Discussions

A good memory box makes it possible for caregivers to spark conversations with your loved one about their family and their history. When a caregiver looks through the memory box with the person with dementia, they are going to learn more about who your loved one is. This helps them to build a connection, and it can make it possible for the caregiver to get to know family members who might come and visit. 

Find Special Items You Didn't Know Existed

When you work with your loved one to make a memory box, you may find keepsake items that you never knew existed. Let your loved one share the memories with you, and learn all you can about the items that are special to them. As time goes on, you will be able to share the special items with the person who has dementia and you will be able to talk about why the item has meaning.

Share in the Creativity

Building a memory box can be fun, and it can spark some creativity in both you and your loved one. When you spend some time creating a memory box around a specific event, you both may be inspired to make more than one memory box to commemorate a number of memories. You will get to enjoy making crafts, and you will be able to talk about the memories you want to remember in the memory box.

Memory boxes are a great way to preserve memories for both you and your loved one who is struggling with dementia. Memories are important. They can bring a feeling of peace and familiarity to a person who is having a hard time remembering their past. Ease the transition into memory care by creating memory boxes to commemorate important memories.

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