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Three Reasons Your Nursing Home Needs An Oxygen Chamber

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Working in a nursing home facility means helping to care for residents who may need assistance with regular life functions and with medical care. Some medical care will require the nurses and staff in the facilities to administer medication, aid with daily medical checks, and patch up wounds properly. Wound care is especially important for elderly individuals. Healing for those advanced in age can be a slow process. Any issues with wound care can also compromise their immune system. For this reason, your nursing home should consider having an oxygen chamber installed. Here are three reasons why your nursing home needs an oxygen chamber. 

Oxygen can help to heal wounds

An oxygen chamber is often recommended by doctors for those who have wounds that need healing. Those who are healing slowly or have just been through a major surgery may find that their bruising goes down and their healing is sped up by the usage of the oxygen chamber. This is a good way to help heal those who have gone through a surgery as well as those who have issues such as bed sores. 

You can take care of patients right out of the hospital

If a doctor has recommended oxygen therapy to a patient, there will generally be several different rounds of oxygen treatments needed. These treatments often take around an hour or so. If you run a nursing home that has limited vans and cars for transportation, owning a chamber inside of the facility itself will mean wheeling the patient down to the chamber instead of having to prepare them to leave altogether. It also makes it easier to leave your patient with entertainment and have the staff check on them every few minutes, while continuing on with other duties. 

Other nursing homes can pay to use your facilities

Some nursing homes are on the same street or block as others. In this case, owning an oxygen chamber can increase the financial benefits for your care space. Offer up the oxygen chamber to nursing homes in the area for their patients. The patient's insurance or the other assisted living homes can pay you for the usage of the facility. This will save them time and effort from having to go to a hospital and the payments can be lower than a traditional oxygen chamber that is on hospital grounds. Bringing more money into your facility means more money to invest in state of the art equipment and into your patients' health and lifestyles.