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Six Things To Do To Find The Right Location For Short-Term Rehab

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If you're undergoing short-term rehabilitation, you need to find the right facility to stay comfortable and maximize your chances of success. Choosing a facility that leaves you uncomfortable or doesn't offer needed services will compromise the success of your treatment.

The following are six things you need to do to maximize your chances of finding the perfect facility for your short-term rehab treatment:

Make a list of your needs

It's easy to overlook important needs you need to have filled by your rehabilitation facility. You need to make a list of your needs to be sure that the facility you choose is able to meet them all. Some needs you'll want to consider adding to your list include 24/7 guest visitation capabilities, dietary restrictions you need to follow, and medical services you'll need during your stay. Make a list of your needs and show it to your therapist or doctor for advice on which facility can meet them.

Do research on the facility's track record

You want to stay at a facility with a good track record for success. If possible, discuss the facility with those who have undergone rehabilitation there to see how satisfied past patients have been. 

Question staff members regarding available resources

You should take the time to interview staff members when possible to get to know them and to get a feel for the place. Make a list of questions and make sure you go over them all with a staff member to get the information straight from the source regarding the facility's offerings. 

Consider the financial aspects of the decision

Ideally, your health insurance will cover the costs of your stay at your short-term rehabilitation services facility. If you need to pay out of pocket for your stay or treatment, make sure you calculate your budget and find a facility with costs that you can afford.

Visit rehabilitation facilities to see if they feel right

You shouldn't commit to treatment at a rehab facility if you haven't yet visited it. By making a visit, you can inspect the cleanliness and organization of the facility.

You can also inspect the living quarters you will be using during your stay and evaluate how well the atmosphere suits you. 

Find a location that's convenient for you and your loved ones

Your rehab treatment is probably going to be more successful if your loved ones can come visit to show support. Even for a short-term stay, having familiar faces appear and offer encouragement can make a big difference in the success of your treatment.