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4 Things To Evaluate When Choosing A Senior Assisted Care Facility

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When you realize that it is time for your parent to make the move to a facility that offers assistance for seniors, you might have the tough job of choosing the place your parent will move to. If so, here are four important factors to evaluate as you choose the right place.

The location of the facility

The location of the facility is important for several reasons. The first reason is so that your parent will feel comfortable there. If your parent has always lived in a rural area and you move him or her to a city location, your parent might not like it there. Instead, you would want to find a place with a more rural environment, simply so your parent feels more comfortable.

Location is also important so that the place is easily accessible for you and other relatives and friends. You should choose a location that is close to all the people your parent knows, so that guests can easily visit when they have time.


The safety of the facility is also important, and you can find out what safety measures they have in place just by asking. You should always choose a place that will be safe for your parent, as this is important to most seniors and to their families.

The quality and friendliness of their services and staff

A third factor to evaluate is the quality of the services and accommodations the place offers as well as the friendliness of the staff. This factor is fairly easy to evaluate just by visiting the place a couple of times. When you visit, take note of the cleanliness of the place and watch how the staff members interact with guests, like you, and with the residents that live there. Just by watching and looking, you will get a good feel for the quality and friendliness of the facility.

The activities they offer

The other factor you should evaluate is the activities the facility offers for the residents. If your parent longs for interaction and busyness, make sure you look for a center that offers a lot of recreational activities. This could include games, day trips, musical events, or craft sessions.

Moving your parent to a senior assisted care center is not an easy decision or task, but it is often the best option for seniors who need some assistance. Call or visit a facility today to learn more.